Welcome to ScanOC

ScanOC is the new way to listen to your local fire department. Many other sites allow you to live stream audio feeds from a radio scanner. This site is different from all the rest. Click above in the scan lists to start the Orange County Fire scanner.

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We give you full control of which talkgroups/frequencies you want to hear. We also time shift (like a DVR) the transmissions. When two transmissions overlap using a standard scanner or streaming site you will only hear one, then you will scan into the second one in progress, not here. The site will play the first transmission and when that is complete it will start to play the next transmission from the beginning, this is time shifting like a DVR.

If you have questions feel free to reach out to us via email scanoc.com@gmail.com.

Orange County Fire Department list:

  • Anaheim Fire (ANA)
  • Brea Fire (BRE)
  • Costa Mesa Fire (COS)
  • Fountain Valley Fire (FVY)
  • Fullerton Fire (FUL)
  • Garden Grove Fire (GGV)
  • Huntington Beach Fire (HTB)
  • Laguna Beach Fire (LAB)
  • Newport Beach Fire (NPB)
  • Orange County Fire Authority (ORC)
  • Orange Fire (ORG)



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