**New Radio System**

Q) Why is the radio traffic missing from ScanOC?

A) The fire departments with the rest of the agencies that use the shared Orange County public safety radio system are transitioning to a new radio system. During that transition they are also choosing to encrypt their routine radio traffic.

Due to the encryption you will no longer be able to listen to the radio traffic using ScanOC, or any other means.

For our members that have been supporting ScanOC via paid plans all of the recurring  payments were shut off in the beginning of the month in anticipation of this cut over.

It now looks like many of the talkgroups are going to be reverted to non  encrypted, we are now working on setting up new systems to monitor the new system. More updates to come soon.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us scanoc.com@gmail.com

About ScanOC.com

ScanOC is the new way to listen to your local fire department. Many other sites allow you to live stream audio feeds from a radio scanner. This site is different from all the rest.

Features :

  • You select the talk groups or scan lists you want to listen to
  • History, you can listen to radio traffic from the past*
  • View which unit is transmitting**
  • Concurrent recording of multiple transmissions, you will not miss any of the action

Upcoming Features :

  • Create and save your own custom scan lists*
  • Alerting, you can receive an email or text message when there is radio traffic on talkgroups used on large incidents
  • Group multiple transmissions together as a single incident for easy playback*
  • Save transmissions for easy playback*

Data Source :

The radio transmissions on this site are from the Orange County, CA public safety radio system. This site is not affiliated with any fire department or county agency.

Why is it mainly fire departments :

The sheriff and police radio transmissions on this system are almost all encrypted. The fire department transmissions are analog

Is this free :

Yes, for live radio traffic. There are paid plans that allow you to listen older radio traffic. Plans Page

Question, comments, suggestions :

You can always email scanoc.com@gmail.com

* Some of these features require a paid plan
** The unit names are entered by listeners and are not guaranteed to be 100% correct



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